Funding for the Local Free Press

I strongly support a local free press for at least three reasons: a local free press is essential to know what’s happening in my hometown, it’s essential to the survival of our democracy, and it’s essential to know what environmental threats are occurring or that are proposed. We need the local free press to shine the light to keep our towns, democracy, and environment healthy.

            Today’s Seattle Times published three great articles about efforts to resuscitate the local free press in America.

  1. Frank, William, and John Blethen,“Reuniting our Divided Country, Saving our Local Free Press,” The Seattle Times, 27 Dec. 2020, Print, A10 and A11, Web,

            This two-page “year-end message from the publisher” details the dangers to democracy of a degraded local free press, and it outlines needed solutions.

2. “Financial Relief on Way for Free Press, But More Work is Needed,” The Seattle Times, 27 Dec. 2020, Print, D3; 25 Dec. 2020, Web,

            This “newspaper’s view editorial” reports on the funding recently approved in Congress (and strongly championed by Washington State’s Senator Maria Cantwell) to support America’s imperiled newspapers, and then it discusses how the demise of many American newspapers is creating news deserts where accurate, local reporting no longer occurs.

3. Christian Trejbal, “Congress remembers the local free press this time,” The Seattle Times, 27 Dec. 2020, Print, D2; 24 Dec. 2020, Web,

            Trejbal, the free press reporter and columnist for The Seattle Times, talks of events that have led more than 60 local newsrooms to close in 2020, and of how Congress’s recently passed coronavirus relief bill is so important to thousands of newspapers and broadcasters.

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