Audubon Washington’s 2021 legislative priorities

Greenhouse gas emissions and extinction of species are increasing, which threatens all of us. Fortunately, many people and groups (such as Audubon Washington) are working hard to move us and other creatures into a livable and flourishing future.

Audubon Washington recently released its 2021 legislative priorities.

The truncated forms are listed below [the bolding is mine]. To see details of these priorities—and the reasons for them—please go to

1. Funding Conservation
“Audubon Washington supports full funding of both natural resource agency budgets and state grant programs, such as the Washington Wildlife and Recreation program and the Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration fund.”

2. Tackling greenhouse gas emissions
“Audubon’s own research shows that slowing the rate of global temperature rise by reducing harmful carbon emissions in our air will have meaningful benefits for birds and people. While our electricity sector is on a path towards 100% clean energy, we must curtail emissions from our state’s transportation system to reach our climate goals. A Clean Fuel Standard [HB 1091] will set clear limits on the carbon pollution from transportation fuels while also supporting the development of biofuels and transportation electrification projects that benefit low-income Washingtonians.”

3. Climate resilience
     Audubon Washington is working with state and local partners to update the state’s Growth Management Act [HB 1099] to require counties to plan for climate resilience.

       For additional information (besides that provided at the Audubon WA site) on updating the state’s GMP to plan for climate resilience, please go to the Futurewise site at

Additional Audubon WA legislative priorities:
– Green Recovery Bonds
– Healthy environment for all (HEAL) Act
– Shoreline Armoring
(removal of armoring or replacing it with ecosystem-friendly alternatives)
– Transportation for All

For more information on these, please go to

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