Local Free Press: recent articles

— David Nelson (Editor of the Kitsap Sun), “What the Sun should be known for,” Kitsap Sun, 3 Jan. 2021, Print, 1C and 3C.
As Nelson notes, “We are always encouraged by the evidence that when significant news happens this community turns to us.”

Regarding some noteworthy local stories told in the Sun in 2020: “These stories dug deeper into the community, in ways both serious and fun, to help you better understand Kitsap and what it means to live here.” Nelson added that “community journalism should be about empowering people, and that happens in many ways.”

 — Brier Dudley (Seattle Times Free Press editor), “Save another endangered species: the free press,” Seattle Times, 17 Jan. 2021, Print, D2; 15 Jan. 2021, Web, https://www.seattletimes.com/opinion/save-another-endangered-species-the-free-press/

 — Frank Blethen (Seattle Times publisher), “From the publisher: Reuniting our divided country, saving our local free press,” Seattle Times, 27 Dec. 2020, Web, https://www.seattletimes.com/inside-the-times/from-the-publisher-reuniting-our-divided-country-saving-our-local-free-press/

— Dean Ridings (CEO, America’s Newspapers), “Googles Monopoly Isn’t a Game for Newspapers, Seattle Times, 17 Jan. 2021, Print, A15.
This regards Google’s near monopoly in the search and local advertising world—and the subsequent effect on local news.

Kitsap Sun Journalism Fund
In the current misinformation world that we live in, it’s essential to have journalism-standard local news and information, such as that provided by the Kitsap Sun. For those wishing to keep local news strong, there is now a means to support the Sun (besides the usual and desired methods of purchasing a subscription to the Sun or buying advertisement space from it). As described in the 10 Jan. 2021 article referenced below, you can now contribute to a nonprofit journalism fund, created through the Kitsap Community Foundation. As described in the article: “Money raised will go to fund a reporter to cover a specifically outlined topic area that we feel is clearly in the public’s interest, at a time when such reporting continues to be expensive and at risk.”

The article says that you can contribute by going to the Kitsap Community Foundation website and then following the “Donate to a fund” link , then selecting “Kitsap Sun Journalism Fund,” or you can mail a check to P.O. Box 3670, Silverdale, WA 98383. [The easiest way that I found to get to the donate button at the Foundation’s website was to type kcf.fcsuite.com/erp/donate/list into my browser and then enter into the search block (at the end of the list) Kitsap Sun Journalism Fund.]

     — see David Nelson, “A new effort to help grow local news,” Kitsap Sun, 10 Jan. 2021, Print, 1C and 3C; Web, A new effort to help grow local news

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