Earth Ministry’s 2021 Legislative Priorities


— source: Earth Ministry e-newsletter, 18 Dec. 2020.

Top Priorities:

Clean Fuel Standard: Requires fuel producers to reduce the carbon intensity of fuels 20% by 2035 to clean our air, give us more options to fuel our vehicles, create economic development, cut climate pollution, and move us beyond oil

HEAL Act: Defines environmental justice in state law and requires its application using a racial justice lens and equitable community participation

Other priorities:

Clean and Just Transportation: Creates a holistic transportation system with new revenue and investments that focus on accessibility for all users, prioritizes equity, and reduces environmental impacts

Conservation Works: Protects essential environmental programs from budget cuts and promotes investments in stimulus projects that tackle climate change, create good jobs, recover salmon and orcas, and help communities chart their own course for a better future

Clean Cars 2030: Requires all new light-duty vehicles of model year 2030 or later to be electric in order to be registered in Washington State

Reduce Plastic Pollution: Addresses recycling and plastic pollution

Growth Management Act Update “Washington Can’t Wait”: Makes sure we address climate change, affordable housing, and environmental justice in our state’s land use planning

We are following an emerging conversation about a price on carbon being put forward by the legislature. Earth Ministry will stand behind the leadership of frontline communities working for environmental justice, and we will work to ensure that any proposed policy meets the Climate Alliance’s carbon pricing and investment criteria.

Earth Ministry values collaboration and our priorities are selected through participation in coalition spaces. We are active members of both the Environmental Priorities Coalition and the Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy, which just released the Resilient Future platform that will set us on a path toward a climate resilient future for generations to come.

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