Electric Cars– the time is now

Per my blog posting yesterday (21 Feb. 2021), Washington State Attorney General Bill Ferguson (who I respect very much), says that Clean Cars 2030 (the bill mandating that all new cars in Washington from 2030 onward be electric) would not survive a court challenge. A counter argument is that we now live in a new world where climate change and mass extinction are proceeding relentlessly and that we need to (and in fact scientists are screaming at us to do so) think boldly and dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. As the Kitsap Sun opinion piece by Charlie Michel (referenced below) says: now is the time for electric vehicles, and we now have the technology to covert from gas cars to electric cars.  

Given the relentless climb of parts per million CO2, with all the terrible consequences that entails, we can’t afford not to switch.

— Charlie Michel, “Changing the status quo on what we drive,” Kitsap Sun, 19 Feb. 2021, Web, Changing the status quo on what we drive; “Transition time for electric vehicles,” Kitsap Sun, 21 Feb. 2021, Print, 2C.

     Michel says that–despite what the naysayers say–the time to switch from gas vehicles to electric vehicles has come. As a retired petroleum engineer, he’s witnessed first-hand how dirty petroleum is, from getting it out of the ground to using it in our cars. He points out that we did not have electric cars to replace gas cars in the past, but technology has advanced, and now we do. For the climate, the environment, and for species, we must switch—and now we can. He observes that the two drags to us doing what needs to be done is the inertia of us choosing to do what’s always been done—which is to use gas cars–and secondly, the resistance by the fossil fuel industry, which wants to delay losing its very profitable business.

Just at the tobacco industry was able to delay by thirty years general acceptance by the public that smoking causes cancer (so as to prolong that industry’s profits), so too does the fossil-fuel industry strive to delay our conversion away from fossil fuels.

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