Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park Master Plan, 16 March 2021, 6:30 p.m.

The following is a 14 Mar. 2021 email notice from Don Willott, a member of the steering committee for the Master Plan of the Park. He asked that this information be shared with others who might like to participate:

“Help develop the excellent plan our community deserves.  Please share with others who might like to participate.”

“I have been engaged in planning for what is now Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park since 2007. Our community managed to purchase 3,500 acres of underlying land with a huge Forest and Bay Coalition initiative, and are about to engage in purchasing timber harvest rights in some form, again through Forterra.

“I have been honored and delighted to be appointed to the Steering Committee to develop a Master Plan for the Park, a year-long planning process with considerable community engagement.  This includes creating a deep understanding of what the forest is now, how it might become more diverse habitat over the years, and what facilities best allow compatible use for people to get out in nature—and in a way that contributes to Kitsap economy.

“There will be a Zoom Master Plan Community meeting this Tuesday, March 16th at 6:30 p.m.  Folks can get more information about the Master Plan process by going to this website:


Please register to participate at the bottom of the web page.  That helps us know who is coming, and we’ll send out a link for the zoom to those who register.

“The format includes a presentation to familiarize folks with what the Master Plan process will be like, then smaller breakout groups where folks can ask questions & comment, and then a live poll.

“This will be a real-time online computer poll for people to give one or two word responses to the following questions, and they will immediately form into a word cloud on screen.  Folks might even like to anticipate what they might like to say, recognizing that they might have different thoughts after seeing the presentation and following discussion in breakout groups.

“Q#1  Favorite activity in PGFHP in the future?

“Q#2  Most important priority for the Master Plan process?

“Q#3  Biggest challenge facing the planning process?

“Q#4  Best way to give everyone a sense of belonging in the park? 

“Q#5  Ideal future vision for the park?”

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