Actions in Washington State and Washington, D.C. create hope

Because of a major change in my life (my wife and I are leaving Kitsap County and soon will be trailer traveling around the United States), I’ve not been able to write of the details of the many wonderful, Earth-changing legislative actions that have occurred in Washington State and Washington, D.C. recently.
     In Washington State, a Clean Fuels Bill and a Climate Commitment Act have just been passed by the legislature and are awaiting Governor Inslee’s signature. At the national level, President Joe Biden and many leaders in Congress, other agencies, and businesses are shifting America’s and the world’s direction toward a green-energy economy.
     Greta Thunberg says that hope is created out of action, and in the last several months so much critically necessary actions have been started in this state, nation, and world, and for that I am happy. Such actions create hope for my grandchildren and for other species and they also—though only time and our continued actions will tell—may justify God’s having put in our hands the power to destroy or steward life on Earth. So much news regarding climate change and extinction was bleak, but recent actions provide hope.
     I regret (because I’m up to my eyeballs in the tasks of my household move) that I can’t sufficiently report on the specifics of the many people (activists, legislators, and leaders) who have done so much (government and business initiatives) during the past few months that may move us and many species into the future. Though I can’t accurately report details, I can remark on the positive, Earth-changing course that I’m seeing being set, and I can express my deep gratitude to the many people who have put in their time, labor, and expertise to make actions and hope happen.

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