Blessed and Cursed: Our Power over Nature

Earth brims with life. God obviously likes life and variety of life, since he put it in everywhere. Upon this blue-green jewel he put us, too, and he chose to impart some of him into us so that we may witness the wonder of his being and of his creation. But with that spark of God in us—that freedom to see or not to see, to hear or not to hear, to do good or not to do good—comes power: the power to safeguard or destroy the garden around us.
     Sometimes we act as God desires, with wisdom and love. Frequently, though, we’re selfish and short-sighted, and so the blessing of being made in his image—with the privilege to be part of and to give thanks for the beauty and wisdom of his nature—is transmuted into the curse of being its destroyers.
With great power comes great responsibility. We pray for enlightenment and guidance. We pray that we look, listen, and love. We pray that we rise to our better angels and so protect the goodness of God’s nature—the animals, plants, and the miracle of their interconnectedness—a connection that we’re part of.

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