Netting Zero: Solutions for the Climate Crisis

Netting Zero is a New York Times series of virtual events that discusses climate solutions. This series can be reached at You can also to go to the same link to sign up to virtually attend the next Netting Zero event which will be

“Transport and Logistics for a Post-Covid, Net-Zero World,” Thursday, September 16, 2021.

1:30 p.m. E.T. | 10:30 a.m. P.T. | 6:30 p.m. B.S.T.

Go to to RSVP to virtually attend this event.

Per the link: “What is Netting Zero?

“It is difficult right now to imagine a world after the Covid-19 crisis. As social distancing is lifted and the economy resumes, we will still be forced to face the great existential challenge of our time: the climate emergency. How can we rebuild our economies and societies in a way that recognizes the urgency of climate action? How can we face the climate emergency head-on, seeking transformative solutions for the sectors and industries that drive the bulk of our carbon emissions?

“These questions underlie Netting Zero, a series of virtual events on climate, hosted by The New York Times. Many of these themes will also inform our programming at The New York Times Climate Hub, our first hybrid festival that will we will host alongside COP 26 this November in Glasgow.”

Past episodes of Netting Zero that you can watch:

– Episode 9: Reimagining Our Built Environment for People and the Planet

– Episode 8: Supporting Net Zero Through a Circular Economy

– Episode 7: Technology, Climate Solutions and Public Health

– Episode 6: Water and Oceans, the Lifeblood of Our Planet

– Episode 5: Breaking our Fossil Fuel Addiction

– Episode 4: Transforming the Financial System for a Zero-Carbon Future

– Episode 3: Driving Solutions for Climate-Ready Food Systems

– Episode 2: The New Zero-Carbon Normal for Cities

Episode 1: Applying Covid-19’s Hard-Earned Lessons to Climate Change

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