Learning about God, not only in his church but also in his nature

God gave us the minds, hearts, and souls to experience and learn from both his word and his nature. It’s good to learn about God in church (through worship, fellowship, and study) and while engaging in service and striving to walk in his ways. It’s also good to explore beyond human-built walls, within the miracle of God’s creation, appreciating not only its big beauty (the vistas) but also the details of Earth’s wondrous variety of life.
     Among the cornucopia of plants and animals, or while appreciating the beauty of seashores, sunsets, and stars, we contemplate not only God’s timelessness, but also our own mortality. Surrounded by circles of life, we inevitably think of our own life and death . . . and life again. Within nature, the sights, sounds, feelings, odors, and tastes of being suffuse our senses. We see that the great I am (who obviously likes life and variety of life, since he made so much of it) accomplishes life via complex webs of large-and small-species interactions in countless niches. Ecosystems are how God does life.
We thank God for the spark he put inside us, that we’re able to comprehend the preciousness of this blue-green Earth and of our time on it. We ask for his wisdom and love (which so manifestly comprise the one who engineered this miraculous biosphere) to be within us to guide our stewarding of nature.
     Church, the word, fellowship, and service are important, and so is regularly getting out into the garden, where we can be one-on-one with our creator. There, while thinking and praying, surrounded by miracles, we may learn some of his love, wisdom, glory, and life.

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