Update on where to go for quality national news

First, regarding local news:
     Today’s blog is about quality national news, but before delving into that, a brief mention about local news. As the Seattle Times article referenced below mentions, “most states lost half their working journalists.” The loss of so many reporters threatens communities with not having accurate and comprehensive news about what’s going on in their communities, and it also compromises the ability to hold local officials, agencies, businesses, and other groups accountable. Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington State recognizes the risk to communities and democracy, so she’s striving to strengthen local journalism. You can read more in this article: Brier Dudley, “Sen. Cantwell on local news and keeping Americans informed,” Seattle Times, 30 July 2021, Web, Senator Maria Cantwell strives to strengthen local news

Now, regarding quality national news:
     I posted “Where to go for quality national news,” to this blog on 16 Apr. 2021 (see https://michaelmaddoxconservation.com/2021/04/16/where-to-go-for-quality-national-news/) , referring to reliability ratings of the national news media that were made by Ad Fontes Media (which describes itself as a “public benefit corporation with a mission to make news consumers smarter and news media better”). Its Media Bias Chart can be accessed at https://www.adfontesmedia.com/.

The Factual also ranks news sources, and it’s ratings of which are the most objective can be found at https://blog.thefactual.com/most-objective-news-sources. To determine these ratings, The Factual reviewed 828,00 articles from 53 sources, covering the period from 1 Jan. 2020 to 18 May 2021. For those wanting to know how the analyses were done, The Factual’s browser extension and the microsite IsThisCredible.com lets you drill down into the details.

[Note: This list does not include “local” papers (such as the The Seattle Times) which report lots of national news, though it does list The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and The Washington Post.]

Per The Factual, these are the Top Ten most objective national news sources:

                                               Percentage Score
Factcheck                                86.2
Smithsonian Magazine          82.7
Undark                                    80.9
The Conversation                   76.4
Grist                                       76.0
The Intercept                          75.3
FiveThirtyEight                     74.0
Lawfare Blog                         73.3
Politifact                                 73.2
National Geographic             72.9

These are the objectivity ratings of those news sources after the Top Ten.

                                              Percentage Score
Vox                                        72.4
ABC News                            72.0
CNBC                                    71.5
ProPublica                              71.4
New Republic                        71.0
Business Insider                    70.7
Science Magazine                  70.4
Washington Examiner          69.6
Reason                                    69.0
New York Times                    68.4
MarketWatch                          67.6
The Norton                             67.4
NPR                                        67.2
Wired Magazine                    67.2
CBS News                              67.2
Mother Jones                          66.9
LA Times                                66.9
The Atlantic                            66.7
Washington Post                   66.1
Tech Crunch                           66.0
BBC                                         65.7
Daily Beast                             65.6
Politico                                   65.5
Quillette                                  65.1
The Guardian                         65.1
Cato Institute                         64.3
New Yorker                           63.0
Reuters                                   62.9
USA Today                            62.6
Real Clear Politics                 62.3
Wall Street Journal                61.8
Financial Times                     60.3
Voice of America                  58.8
The American Conservative  57.8
Popular Science                     56.7
Fox News                               55.3
The Federalist                        55.3
Al Jazeera                              54.3
CNN                                        53.6
Breitbart                                 52.8
National Review                    50.3
Washington Times                 50.3
Forbes                                    49.3

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