Build Back Better. Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, email your president and your representatives about the most important climate legislation ever proposed in America.

⸺The following is from a 9 Oct. 2021 e-alert from the Sierra Club.

Pres. Biden: Hold strong for the boldest Build Back Better Act!
President Biden and Congress are now negotiating the final details of the Build Back Better Act. This transformative bill would deliver climate action, jobs and justice — so let’s get the boldest version possible across the finish line.

With 96% of Democrats in Congress and 70% of Americans in support of the Build Back Better Act, Senators Manchin and Sinema should not be able to cut these desperately needed investments. Biden can stand strong and deliver the boldest bill possible if he knows we have his back.

We know White House staff check Twitter to track the conversation and gauge public support. Let’s make sure they’re hearing from us loud and clear!

Post and tag Biden on social media! Use our easy tweet tool or social media toolkit to tell Biden to keep fighting for bold climate action, jobs, and justice!

The Build Back Better Act includes:
🔌clean energy performance program and tax credits
✊🏾tackling racial and economic injustice
👶creating universal pre-K
🏫expanding Medicare & Medicaid
🚰replacing toxic lead pipes
🚆investing in public transit and electric vehicles
❄️restoring Arctic Refuge protections… and SO MUCH MORE!

We must ensure the Build Back Better Act stays bold and passes the climate test — cutting climate emissions in half by 2030, in line with what science and justice demand.

We elected President Biden on this agenda and let’s make sure he brings it home!

Tweet at Biden to keep fighting for the boldest investments in climate action, jobs and justice.

Or use this toolkit to post on Facebook, Instagram or somewhere else!

Our tweets, shares, calls, and collective action will give President Biden the support he needs to fight for this bold agenda, secure his legacy, and create a future where all can thrive.

Thank you,
Morissa Zuckerman
Senior Online Organizer. Sierra Club

Go to to see where the quote “the most important climate legislation ever proposed in America” comes from.

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