Young people (29 Oct. national protest) and old people (Third Act) protest for climate action

Young people are targeting institutions (specifically JP Morgan Chase, Liberty Mutual Insurance, CITI, BlackRock, and the U.S. Federal Reserve System) that finance the fossil fuel business. For more information, please go to

The biggest Pacific Northwest involvement in the 29 Oct. national climate protest will occur in Seattle. Old people are invited (and encouraged) to participate in this march for a Fossil Free Future.

The following details come from (accessed 21 Oct. 2021). Please go to this site as it has many more details.

What: Fossil Free Future: March & Action. Seattle, WA!
START: Friday, October 29, 2021 • 11:00 AM
Pier 62• 1951 Alaskan Way, Seattle , WA 98101

Old people (specifically, Bill McKibben and friends) just formed a climate protest group called Third Act, and we (I’m one of the thousands of old people who just joined) will marshal our experience, skills, and money for climate action and against climate action obstructionists. Third Act is supporting the young folks’ 29 Oct. national protest. For more information about Third Act, please go to

⸺source: 350 West Sound Climate Action emails, 350 Seattle emails, Third Act emails

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