Taking Climate and Environmental Action

At this time every year, Washington State’s legislature is busy, and laws are being made which will affect our climate future and our environment. Fortunately, here in Washington, we have environmental groups that track the content and progress of bills and that make recommendations to residents about how to contact their Senators and Representatives regarding these bills. I do that–take those recommendations and contact my legislators–and it takes hours of reading, understanding, and writing work, but I’ve found over the years that what bills are passed or not passed translate into the reality of whether we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and protect the wonderful natural world we have in Washington.

I’m proud of our environmental groups, our legislators, our businesses that work work to protect the environment and to reduce greenhouse gases, and of the many residents who volunteer their time to protect our habitat. I’m proud of the newspaper reporters who research the issues over the years and publish the many considerations involved, and I’m proud of the democratic process that I see occur in it’s full vigor each year during January through March.

I post my bill-engagement activities to my Legislation and Politics page at https://michaelmaddoxconservation.com/legislation-and-politics/. The page is refined in parts and rough in others because the progress of bills changes weekly, and it’s hard to keep up. But being so engaged gives me hope.

This week’s United Nation’s report about the climate portrays a grim future for us–a grim future resulting from not taking climate action. By taking action locally, as we do here in Washington, I gain hope.

— Michael Maddox

Published by MRM Conservation

I retired from the U.S. Navy after thirty-four years of service and am now engaged in fighting the twin crises of global warming and extinction, which threaten us and other species. This website’s news and comments are focused on the Pacific Northwest with the intent being to add to the constructive conservation actions being accomplished by many here.

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