Port Gamble Forest Planning, 29 Sept.

PORT GAMBLE FOREST HERITAGE PARK MASTER PLANNING WEDNESDAY, 9/29 | 6:00-8:00 PMPUBLIC MEETING #3:DRAFT PARK ALTERNATIVES You are invited to join the Kitsap County Parks Department for the third virtual community meeting to discuss the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park Master Plan Project. This meeting will focus on alternative park and trail plans that haveContinue reading “Port Gamble Forest Planning, 29 Sept.”

Gray Green: that’s me!

I love it—a term for who I am. An identity that provides me and others of my generation another means to act for Earth during this double-whammy time of climate change and mass extinction.     Newspapers recently reported (see references below) about gray-haired folks standing next to young people during their Extinction Rebellion climate protests.    Also,Continue reading “Gray Green: that’s me!”

Climate Protest in Bremerton, 25 Sept.

When: 25 Sept. 2021, 11 a.m.Where: Meet at the Manette Bridge in Bremerton, WA.What: speakers, music, booths and more. Plan to march from the Manette Bridge to Evergreen Park. (addendum: See this letter to the editor about climate action and the upcoming climate march in Bremerton: Marty Bishop, letter, “Join our efforts to promote climateContinue reading “Climate Protest in Bremerton, 25 Sept.”

Bison success, a new mindset, and climate success

Bison: they’re here. They weren’t going to be, but they are!Bison restoration represents a great conservation success story, and it should inspire us as we battle to transform our greenhouse gas making ways. Bison—the big mammal that filled North America prairies and forests in the millions—were within a whisper of extinction, but then they wereContinue reading “Bison success, a new mindset, and climate success”

Say No to Commercial Air Tours over Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier National Park

I love the national parks, and I agree that they are America’s Best Idea. I greatly appreciate the tough but wonderful job that the National Park Service does. It pains me to hear of the current proposal to start commercial overflights of Olympic National Park, Mount Rainier National Park, and other parks. Planes and helicoptersContinue reading “Say No to Commercial Air Tours over Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier National Park”

A commercial aquaculture facility will be built in the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge

I’d written a letter to the Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands and to the Department of Natural Resources in which I’d objected to a commercial aquaculture facility being built in the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge(see https://michaelmaddoxconservation.com/2021/08/17/dont-build-aquaculture-in-the-dungeness-national-wildlife-refuge/). I received an email letter of reply on 20 August (pasted below) stating that approval has been givenContinue reading “A commercial aquaculture facility will be built in the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge”

Clams, the RVs of the Beach. [and a shout out for Salish Magazine]

Seeing the title “Clams: the RVs of the Beach,” and with me and my wife being in an RV this year, I had to see what the post on John Williams’s outstanding online Salish Magazine (https://salishmagazine.org/) said. Though only loosely connected with RVs (clams move their homes with them), this article (https://salishmagazine.org/rvs-of-the-beach/) by Tom NolandContinue reading “Clams, the RVs of the Beach. [and a shout out for Salish Magazine]”

Update on where to go for quality national news

First, regarding local news:     Today’s blog is about quality national news, but before delving into that, a brief mention about local news. As the Seattle Times article referenced below mentions, “most states lost half their working journalists.” The loss of so many reporters threatens communities with not having accurate and comprehensive news about what’s goingContinue reading “Update on where to go for quality national news”

Don’t build aquaculture in the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge

This is the letter I mailed today to Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz: From: Michael Maddox(previously of Poulsbo)

Medora, North Dakota: What a fun surprise.

My wife and I had come to Medora, North Dakota to explore the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, to see the Badlands and its animals and plants, and to see where TR attained solace after family tragedy, and where he established and then failed at two ranches. Those places and things  we saw, and we hadContinue reading “Medora, North Dakota: What a fun surprise.”