Sunday Missive: Quotes for Earth Day

This morning I stood in my backyard among the trees, bushes, grass, water, birds, and squirrels. In that quiet I heard the Spirit of God that fills all of Earth and all of life.     — MRM “7But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tellContinue reading “Sunday Missive: Quotes for Earth Day”

A richer, fuller history of Little Big Horn

I submitted the following in the comments section of the E.J. Dionne article that is referenced below: When I  first visited the Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument years ago, I learned mostly about Lt. Col. George Custer and his several hundred soldiers—with a mention of Chief Sitting Bull and of Indians. When I touredContinue reading “A richer, fuller history of Little Big Horn”

Taking Climate and Environmental Action

At this time every year, Washington State’s legislature is busy, and laws are being made which will affect our climate future and our environment. Fortunately, here in Washington, we have environmental groups that track the content and progress of bills and that make recommendations to residents about how to contact their Senators and Representatives regardingContinue reading “Taking Climate and Environmental Action”

Seattle Times’s End-of-the-Year (2021) Update on Saving our Local Free Press

[The following is my brief synopsis of the message today from the publisher of the Seattle Times; quotes from it are within quotation marks. MRM] Frank A. Blethen, “From the publisher: A year-end message on saving our country’s local free press system,” Seattle Times, 26 Dec. 2021,     Also available as “Saving Our Country’s LocalContinue reading “Seattle Times’s End-of-the-Year (2021) Update on Saving our Local Free Press”

Washington State’s Climate Action Plan

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State just released his Climate Strategic Agenda. It’s a detailed plan to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Washington State, to transform our state to a clean energy economy, and to employ people in executing the transformation. You can read the well-done and graphical brief by going to< >Continue reading “Washington State’s Climate Action Plan”

Washington State’s Salmon Recovery Plan

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State recently announced his salmon recovery proposals for 2022.     You can read the proposals by going to < > and then clicking on the link “salmon recovery proposals for the 2022 legislative session”. Other recent salmon-recovery related headlines:  – Lynda V. Mapes, “Fish passage, dam removal studied as SeattleContinue reading “Washington State’s Salmon Recovery Plan”

Communities and democracy suffer when newspapers die

Margaret Sullivan, “Communities and democracy suffer when newspapers die,” Seattle Times, 5 Dec. 2021, Print, D4. digital version: Margaret Sullivan, “What happens to society — and democracy — when community journalism dries up?” Seattle Times, 3 Dec. 2021, In her column, Margaret Sullivan relates how local journalism is in serious decline—and that that’s badContinue reading “Communities and democracy suffer when newspapers die”

Thanks for the People and Places of our Nature in Kitsap County

During this COVID-19 time, it’s good to get outside. Fortunately, we in Kitsap County have lots of outside available. So much to be thankful for: forests to meander in, trails to bike on, places where we can gaze at the Puget Sound or sit and read, and beaches where we can identify shells, crabs, ducks,Continue reading “Thanks for the People and Places of our Nature in Kitsap County”

Creation theology: the truths we learn

God created the heavens and the Earth, or more specifically, through his spirit he molded all the planets, stars, and the life they sustain using energy, elements, and physical laws of the universe. He engineered the cosmos through gravity, atomic forces, chemical and genetic relationships, and more. We now know that Earth is 4.5 billionContinue reading “Creation theology: the truths we learn”