Kitsap County: Buildable Lands Report, Shoreline Master Program updates, and northern access to the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park

The following are from Commissioner Rob Gelder’s 5 Feb. 2021 North Kitsap Commissioner Newsletter:

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Volunteers at Kitsap County’s Parks

We in Kitsap County are fortunate to have many wonderful parks to visit. Many volunteers learn about and care for those parks. If you’d like to learn about the volunteer program, please go to

“Find the people that love the place.”
— Tom Coleman, volunteer for Newberry Hill Heritage Park

Kitsap County Stewardship Program:
15 stewardship groups, 72 County parks, over 11,000 acres

Stewardship Involvements:
– trail maintenance
– native plants and invasive species
– citizen science|
– outdoor education
– community outreach

Local Free Press: recent articles

— David Nelson (Editor of the Kitsap Sun), “What the Sun should be known for,” Kitsap Sun, 3 Jan. 2021, Print, 1C and 3C.
As Nelson notes, “We are always encouraged by the evidence that when significant news happens this community turns to us.”

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Climate 2020: Hot around the world

     —  Henry Fountain, Blacki Migliozzi and Nadja Popovich, “Where 2020’s Record Heat Was Felt the Most,” The New York Times, 14 Feb. 2021, Web, Where 2020’s Record Heat Was Felt the Most
Spin the Earth around in this graphical-representation article and see, via the whites, pinks, and reds, where the planet did not warm, where it warmed, and where it warmed a lot.

     — Story by Chris Mooney, Andrew Freedman and John Muyskens, design by Jake Crump, “2020 rivals hottest year on record,pushing Earth closer to a critical climate threshold,” The Washington Post, 14 Jan. 2021, Web, 2020 rivals hottest year

Clean Cars 2030: My comments to District 23 representatives

[Comments sent today to Washington State Senator Christine Rolfes, Representative Tarra Simmons, and Representative Drew Hansen in support of SB 5257 (companion bill HB 1024) via

I first thought when I read that there was a bill that proposed banning new fossil-fuel cars in Washington from 2030 onward: “Well, that’ll never fly.” But then I read the details at, which explained the feasibility and the necessity of new cars being electric, and about the wisdom of us having an efficient electrical grid in Washington, and how going this course will cut greenhouse gases (transportation is the largest source of GHGs in Washington), lower costs for people (the new electric vehicles are on par with, or cheaper than, fossil-fuel cars—when all costs, such as maintenance, are accounted for), and add jobs (as we build the new renewable-fuels world). Under this bill, people can keep their old gas cars, but new cars from 2030 onward would be electric.

I now think it’s not only workable, but—given its benefits, and the huge climate strides we have to make—it’s necessary. The future is electric.

Micheal Maddox

Audubon Washington’s 2021 legislative priorities

Greenhouse gas emissions and extinction of species are increasing, which threatens all of us. Fortunately, many people and groups (such as Audubon Washington) are working hard to move us and other creatures into a livable and flourishing future.

Audubon Washington recently released its 2021 legislative priorities.

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Kitsap Sun Journalism Fund

In the current misinformation world that we live in, it’s essential to have journalism-standard local news and information, such as that provided by the Kitsap Sun. For those wishing to keep local news strong, there is now a means to support the Sun (besides the usual and desired methods of purchasing a subscription to the Sun or buying advertisement space from it).

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Become a Stream Steward on the Kitsap Peninsula

— the following is pasted from a recent Stream Stewards e-announcement:

“If you’re inspired to connect with others to make a difference in the health of our local ecosystems, the Stream Steward training program is for you! 

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