Clams, the RVs of the Beach. [and a shout out for Salish Magazine]

Seeing the title “Clams: the RVs of the Beach,” and with me and my wife being in an RV this year, I had to see what the post on John Williams’s outstanding online Salish Magazine ( said. Though only loosely connected with RVs (clams move their homes with them), this article ( by Tom NolandContinue reading “Clams, the RVs of the Beach. [and a shout out for Salish Magazine]”

Nature’s Rights

Free Screening of INVISIBLE HAND and Panel Discussion on June 27 Who will speak for Nature? INVISIBLE HAND is a “paradigm shifting” documentary about the Rights of Nature movement– the defining battle of our times. Nature, democracy and capitalism face off in rural America. Narrated by Mark Ruffalo. Here’s the registration link for the FREE screening of INVISIBLE HAND and the panelContinue reading “Nature’s Rights”

Messy in nature

It’s messy sometimes–writing while in nature. I’ve sand on my shorts and sand on the bike bag that I’m using as a writing surface. Rain drizzle smears the lines on wide-ruled notebook paper as my blue pen attempts to scribble this morning’s thoughts. Words don’t appear on the wet paper, so I skip a fewContinue reading “Messy in nature”