Go Where the Good Is

Purpose: to post some of the good actions being done. [Bolding is mine.]

2022-03-23 Aaron Morrison (the Associated Press), “‘You are worthy’: Sen. Booker draws tears at Jackson hearing,” Seattle Times, 23 Mar. 2022 (updated 24 Mar. 2022),
summary: Senator Cory Booker gives an inspiring perspective about Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.  
Seattle Times article regarding Booker about Jackson
You Tube video of Booker about Jackson

2022-03-06 Thank you Senator Patty Murray for protecting patients from surprise medical bills.
     As this paid advertisement in the Seattle Times, 6 Mar. 2022, pg. A7 (from the Coalition Against Surprise Medical Billing), informs us, the No Surprises Act passed recently because of the legislative work done by Senator Patty Murray. The No Surprises Act will help to keep patients from being the victims of the predatory price gouging that’s executed on them, especially during their most vulnerable times.

2022-03-06  Joseph O’Sullivan, “Legislature OKs gun bill limiting magazine capacity,” Seattle Times, 6 Mar. 2022, Print, A1 & A18; Web, 5 Mar. 2022, https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/politics/big-victory-for-supporters-of-stricter-gun-laws-wa-legislature-approves-new-ammunition-limits/

2022-01-30 David Nelson, “Those who make a difference,” Kitsap Sun, 30 Jan. 2022, Those who make a difference

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