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Salish Sea and the Pacific Northwest

2022-04-21 Jim Brunner and Hal Bernton, “After addressing infrastructure in Portland, Biden in Seattle to mark Earth Day,” The Seattle Times, 21 Apr. 2022, updated 22 Apr., Biden in Seattle to mark Earth Day: talks climate crisis, old-growth forests, and others
From the article: “In Seattle on Friday, Biden will mark Earth Day by ‘making the case for his bold agenda to tackle the climate crisis, safeguard our nation’s forests, and bolster our resilience in the face of threats like wildfire,’ the White House said in a Thursday news release.
     “Biden is expected to sign an executive order aimed at protecting old-growth forests from the ravages of wildfires during a morning event at Seattle’s Seward Park, joined by officials including Gov. Jay Inslee.”

2022-03-13 Lynda V. Mapes, “Money in Ancient Forests,” Seattle Times, 13 Mar. 2022, Print, A1, A8-A11; “The Pacheedaht people finally started making money from Vancouver Island timber. Then the protesters arrived,” 13 Mar. 2022, Web,
old-growth forests, money, Pacheedaht people
     Seattle Times reporter Lynda V. Mapes did an outstanding series on Orca whales; now she’s doing a series about old-growth forests.

Climate Crisis and Climate Action

2022-04-22 The Trick: A documentary about fake news and the 2009 Climategate scandal
Shows 22 Apr 2022 (Earth Day) on PBS (KCTS 9) at 10 p.m.
     Discusses how the media storm during the 2009 Climategate scandal undermined confidence in the science of climate change. 30 years of research is questioned in the first “fake news” attack.

     You can also see this video at

     To see other PBS programming related to Earth Month 2022, please go to    (entry updated 22 Apr. 2022)

2022-04-22 For the future of the planet, it’s time to rumble
Seattle Times editorial board, “Dear Mr. President: C’mon man, make climate a populist cause,” The Seattle Times, 21 Apr. 2022, rumble for the planet
    For perspective, see the PBS documentary about climate disinformation (and how it’s contributed to the mess we’re in now) as covered in “The Trick,” which is posted above.
As an example of the courageous leadership we need to get us out of the mess we’re in, please see 2022-04-19 Bret Stephens, “Why We Admire Zelensky,” The New York Times, 19 Apr. 2022,
(courage, honor, love of his country and its people, indomitable, personal example, physical presence, applies himself to good purposes, fights for the free world, intelligent, arouses and challenges our better angels, inspires hope, humility)

2022-04-19 Lisa Friedman, “Biden Restores Climate to Landmark Environmental Law, Reversing Trump,” The New York Times, 19 Apr. 2022, Biden Restores Climate to Landmark Environmental Law
     “A new rule requires agencies to analyze the climate impacts of proposed highways, pipelines and other projects, and gives local communities more input.”

2022-04-10 “We Are Wasting Time on These Climate Debates. The Next Steps Are Clear,” The New York Times, 10 Apr. 2022, Web, We Are Wasting Time on These Climate Debates. The Next Steps Are Clear

2022-04-04 Seth Borenstein and Frank Jordans, “UN warns Earth ‘firmly on track toward an unlivable world’,” The Seattle Times, 4 Apr. 2022, updated 10 Apr.,
 From the newspaper article:
– “Ongoing investments in fossil fuel infrastructure and clearing large swaths of forest for agriculture undermine the massive curbs in emissions needed to meet the Paris goal, the report found.”

– “The report’s authors . . . voiced ‘high confidence’ that unless countries step up their efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the planet will on average be 2.4C to 3.5C (4.3 to 6.3F) warmer by the end of the century — a level experts say is sure to cause severe impacts for much of the world’s population.” [As a reference, scientists have told us we must limit warming to1.5C.]

2022-03-26  Move Ahead Washington plan takes a completely new approach to transportation in Washington state
(a press update from Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State)

“On Friday at events in Mukilteo and Tacoma, Gov. Jay Inslee signed several climate and clean energy jobs bills, including the historic new 16-year Move Ahead Washington transportation package.

“The governor was joined in Mukilteo by Tulalip Tribes Vice Chair-elect Misty Napeahi, Washington State Department of Transportation Secretary Roger Millar, Sen. Marko Liias, Rep. Jake Fey, Sen. Joe Nguyen, Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, Rep. Alex Ramel, and Rep. Davina Duerr.

“In Tacoma, Inslee was joined by Chairman of the Puyallup Tribe Bill Sterud, Pierce Transit CEO Mike Griffus, Sen. Marko Liias, Rep. Jake Fey, and Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon.

“The Move Ahead Washington transportation package is unlike any other in the state’s history. It lays the foundation for a massive shift from simply building more lanes to moving people via cleaner, more efficient transportation options.

“‘Transportation is our state’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. There is no way to talk about climate change without talking about transportation,” Inslee said during the Friday morning signing event. “This package will move us away from the transportation system our grand-parents imagined and towards the transportation system our grand-children dream of.’

“The Move Ahead Washington package focuses an increased share of funding on maintenance and preservation of existing roads and bridges than prior packages, and includes major projects such as the replacement of the I-5 bridge across the Columbia River. But the clear distinction is how it directs a significant share of investments towards climate and clean transportation. These investments are possible thanks to revenue from the state’s cap-and-invest program that places a price on carbon pollution.

“The package includes funding for four new hybrid-electric ferries, tens of thousands of new EV charging stations, 25 transit electrification projects across the state, and free fares for passengers 18 and younger on all public transportation.

“The package also includes a significant infusion of funding for removing hundreds of fish passage barriers along state highways that block approximately 650 miles of habitat for salmon and steelhead. This work is important to meeting the state’s salmon recovery commitment to Tribes.

“Move Ahead Washington will support an estimated 2,390 construction and ferries jobs annually.

“Inslee also signed bills on Friday to reduce methane emissions from landfills, expand the state’s clean buildings policy, and improve the state’s ability to recruit clean energy projects with strong labor standards.”
⸺ source: Gov. Inslee Press Updates <>, E-News Edition 114, 26 Mar. 2022.    For more details, see Governor Inslee’s Medium page, “Years in the making, one climate bill is allowing legislators to boldly reinvent transportation in Washington. Here’s how.” 25 Mar. 2022,

2022-03-11 Clean Cars 2030 Passes in Washington State
“Washington State Legislature Sets 2030 Target for 100% EV Sales—the country’s most ambitious goal yet!”
“Last night, the Washington legislature voted to set a target for ending the sales of gasoline-powered cars by 2030 – the most aggressive goal in the U.S. and five years ahead of California’s 2035 target.
     “The measure, passed as part of the $16.9 billion “Move Ahead Washington” transportation package, now heads to Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s desk for signature.”

⸺ source: 11 Mar. 2022 email announcement from Janelle London and Matthew Metz Co-Executive Directors of Coltura, the group that, as the message says, “spearheaded the campaign several years ago, and led the coalition to push for passage.”

2022-03-02 Taking Climate and Environmental Action
For some of the Washington State legislation that I advocated for this year, please see my blog post at

2022-03 “Jefferson County and the City of Port Townsend formed the joint Climate Action Committee (CAC) back in 2008, and jointly adopted a goal to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 80% lower than 1990 levels by 2050. A recent update to the county-wide greenhouse gas inventory showed we are making progress, but there is more to do to reduce emissions. Many organizations in Jefferson County participated in workshops developing the Climate Change Preparedness Plan noted above and have been taking a variety of actions to prepare . . . ”
     ⸺ March 2022 Jefferson County Business Insider, Print, p.4.


2022-04-22 2022-04-22 PBS’s Changing Planet Series
Today’s episode, 22 Apr 2022 (Earth Day) on PBS (KCTS 9) at 1 p.m (PST). (accessed 22 Apr. 2022)
     As per the PBS description: “Join conservation scientist Dr. M. Sanjayan for the beginning of an ambitious 7-year project, a global environmental health check of six of Earth’s bellwether biomes. From the Arctic to the Amazon, these vulnerable habitats are changing, revealing surprising animal behaviors as species adapt. On his journey he meets the inspiring scientists and communities working to bring about positive change.”

2022-04-10 Gregory Scruggs, “This Bainbridge Island author’s fish tale is a conservation wake-up call,” The Seattle Times, 10 Apr. 2022, Print, E8; 7 Apr. 2022, Web,
     The avid fly fisherman, Dylan Tomine, for the first time since 1992, was greeted in 2001 with “no opening day for the catch-and-release wild steelhead season on the Skykomish River due to dwindling fish stocks.” That pivotal moment transformed him into a fisherman who advocated for “taking the steps needed to save wild Pacific salmon and steelhead from California to Alaska.” Per the article, Tomine feels that we’ve reached a point where recreationalists “have obligation to engage on issues like public lands access, environmental degradation, and climate change.”
     Note: This similar sentiment (sportsmen and women being engaged in conservation) is on full display at Johnny Morris’s “Wonders of Wildlife”in Springfield, Missouri, which I wrote about in my blog entry at


2022-04-21 Winston Choi-Schagrin and Hiroko Tabuchi with illustrations by Rinee Shah, “Trash or Recycling? Why Plastic Keeps Us Guessing,” The New York Times, 21 Apr. 2022, Web, Trash or Recycling? Why Plastic Keeps Us Guessing
     A good description of the numbers on the chasing-arrows-type-of-plastic logo that’s inscribed on plastic items and why the confusion regarding that logo. This New York Times article provides a link to the 9 Dec. 2020 Nature article “Global human-made mass exceeds all biomass” Global human-made mass exceeds all biomass that shows the weight of the world’s plastic now exceeds the combined weight of all animals.

2022-04-15 Amy Swanson King, “Parting ways with household plastic,” The Seattle Times, 15 Apr. 2022, Parting ways with household plastic
     We’re surrounded by plastic. The amount we produce continues to grow. Only 8% is recycled.  As the article says, “Read on to learn about ways you can scale back your plastic footprint and put a smile on Mother Earth’s face.”


2022-04-21 Farhad Manjoor, “Riding a Bike in America Should Not Be This Dangerous,” The New York Times, 21 Apr 2022, Riding a Bike in America Should Not Be This Dangerous (accessed 22 Apr. 2022)


2022-04-06 “Newspapers Play a Key Role in Our Communities”
     “From supporting the growth of small businesses through local advertising, to keeping readers informed with accurate news and reporting, to giving area residents and leaders a voice as a democratic forum, newspapers keep our communities and our minds open.”
     This ad in the 6 April 2022 edition of The Leader newspaper of Port Townsend and Jefferson County (in publication since 1889) encourages residents to subscribe to, advertise in, and support local newspapers. Democracy requires a free, vibrant local press.

2022-04-03 Brier Dudley, “Facebook scheming ups urgency for antitrust action,” Seattle Times, 3 Apr. 2022, Print, D2; 1 Apr. 2022, Web,
Two key acts of journalism-supporting legislation mentioned in this article are now before Congress. They’re intended to sustain our democracy-sustaining local press against the onslaught of monopolistic digital markets:
Local Journalism Sustainability Act. Introduced in 2021 by Senator Maria Cantwell. This act “would provide tax credits to news outlets adding or retaining journalists.”
Journalism Competition and Preservation Act, which would especially help small news organizations bargain collectively with Google, Facebook, and other behemoths.

2022-03-11 Brier Dudley (Opinion), “Oregon paper loses entire newsroom, vows to rebuild,Seattle Times, 11 Mar. 2022,
     Local newspapers lose reporters, mentors, and training when distant owners don’t prioritize local news. As Dudley relates in the article, “Dwindling local news is eroding civic engagement and democracy.”
     [Note: I referenced the Klamath Falls Herald and News newspaper several times in my blog posting “I need water said the Duck,” which is about the drought in the Klamath Falls region. That posting is at]

2022-03-06 Brier Dudley (Opinion), “How and why Congress needs big tech to start paying for news,Seattle Times, 6 Mar. 2022, Print, D2; Web,
     As this article notes, Senator Amy Klobuchar is working on the bipartisan Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (S673) that would “allow publishers to jointly negotiate with Google and Facebook, to secure fair compensation for news content the tech giants are profiting from.”

Go Where the Good Is

2022-04-19 Bret Stephens, “Why We Admire Zelensky,The New York Times, 19 Apr. 2022,
     courage, honor, love of his country and its people, indomitable, personal example, physical presence, applies himself to good purposes, fights for the free world, intelligent, arouses and challenges our better angels, inspires hope, humble

2022-03-06 Thank you Senator Patty Murray for protecting patients from surprise medical bills.
     As this paid advertisement in the Seattle Times, 6 Mar. 2022, pg. A7 (from the Coalition Against Surprise Medical Billing), informs us, the No Surprises Act passed recently because of the legislative work done by Senator Patty Murray. The No Surprises Act will help to keep patients from being the victims of the predatory price gouging that’s executed on them, especially during their most vulnerable times.

2022-03-06  Joseph O’Sullivan, “Legislature OKs gun bill limiting magazine capacity,” Seattle Times, 6 Mar. 2022, Print, A1 & A18; Web, 5 Mar. 2022,

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