Washington legislators do good work for people, the environment, and businesses

Senator Christine Rolfes, the Washington State 23rd Legislative District representative and the Chair of the Senate Ways & Means Committee, reported in her 27 April 2021 e-newsletter on the hard work that the state legislature did this session to support people, the environment, and businesses during these Covid times. She reported on national and stateContinue reading “Washington legislators do good work for people, the environment, and businesses”

Kitsap Sun Journalism Fund

In the current misinformation world that we live in, it’s essential to have journalism-standard local news and information, such as that provided by the Kitsap Sun. For those wishing to keep local news strong, there is now a means to support the Sun (besides the usual and desired methods of purchasing a subscription to theContinue reading “Kitsap Sun Journalism Fund”

Tires kill coho salmon

— see Christopher Dunagan (Puget Sound Institute), “Scientists identify deadly chemical killing coho salmon,” Kitsap Sun, 6 Dec. 2020, Print, 1A and 8A; 4 Dec. 2020, Web, Scientists identify deadly chemical killing coho salmon (kitsapsun.com) — see Lynda V. Mapes, “Tire dust killing coho salmon returning to Puget Sound, new research shows,” The Seattle Times,Continue reading “Tires kill coho salmon”