Kitsap Sun Journalism Fund

In the current misinformation world that we live in, it’s essential to have journalism-standard local news and information, such as that provided by the Kitsap Sun. For those wishing to keep local news strong, there is now a means to support the Sun (besides the usual and desired methods of purchasing a subscription to theContinue reading “Kitsap Sun Journalism Fund”

Tires kill coho salmon

— see Christopher Dunagan (Puget Sound Institute), “Scientists identify deadly chemical killing coho salmon,” Kitsap Sun, 6 Dec. 2020, Print, 1A and 8A; 4 Dec. 2020, Web, Scientists identify deadly chemical killing coho salmon ( — see Lynda V. Mapes, “Tire dust killing coho salmon returning to Puget Sound, new research shows,” The Seattle Times,Continue reading “Tires kill coho salmon”