Face-to-face with God . . . in his nature

In the quiet of nature, we find ourselves face-to-face with God’s love of life and variety of life, his cycles of life and death and life again, the immensity of his time and space, and with the wonders and wisdom by which he created the universe. At the seashore, on a mountaintop, in a forest,Continue reading “Face-to-face with God . . . in his nature”

Nature’s Rights

Free Screening of INVISIBLE HAND and Panel Discussion on June 27 Who will speak for Nature? INVISIBLE HAND is a “paradigm shifting” documentary about the Rights of Nature movement– the defining battle of our times. Nature, democracy and capitalism face off in rural America. Narrated by Mark Ruffalo. Here’s the registration link for the FREE screening of INVISIBLE HAND and the panelContinue reading “Nature’s Rights”

Messy in nature

It’s messy sometimes–writing while in nature. I’ve sand on my shorts and sand on the bike bag that I’m using as a writing surface. Rain drizzle smears the lines on wide-ruled notebook paper as my blue pen attempts to scribble this morning’s thoughts. Words don’t appear on the wet paper, so I skip a fewContinue reading “Messy in nature”

Blessed and Cursed: Our Power over Nature

Earth brims with life. God obviously likes life and variety of life, since he put it in everywhere. Upon this blue-green jewel he put us, too, and he chose to impart some of him into us so that we may witness the wonder of his being and of his creation. But with that spark ofContinue reading “Blessed and Cursed: Our Power over Nature”

Nothing I Have to Do Today

Travel Journal, 2021-05-23: Wallowa Lake State Park, Joseph, OR. Situation: Sitting on the grass at Wallowa Lake, my back resting on a log, and me hearing the ripples of the Wallowa River to my right. No one else around. Here I can snooze, look, think, and write. Nature rolls on at the lake year afterContinue reading “Nothing I Have to Do Today”

God’s Natural Wisdom

God, in his wisdom and through the millennia, has evolved and woven together a rich web of creatures and plants that sustains and propagates life and the variety of life that he obviously loves—because he made so much of it. We’re blessed to be able to explore, understand, appreciate, and care for (when we riseContinue reading “God’s Natural Wisdom”

God Made Birdsong for Human Souls

“The initial step for a soul to come to a knowledge of God is contemplation of nature.” —Irenaeus (120-202 AD) [Quoted in “Teachings on Creation through the Ages,” The Green Bible, I-98.] God made birdsong for human souls. Yes, birds twitter, chirp, and hoot in a symphony of life (as I appreciated during a recentContinue reading “God Made Birdsong for Human Souls”