Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park planning occurs tomorrow

Lots of fine planning—ecological restoration, trails, information kiosks, access for handicapped persons and small children—has gone into what the park’s future will be. You can learn and contribute to that future by attending the third public meeting on the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park Master Plan, which will be held as a webinar on 29Continue reading “Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park planning occurs tomorrow”

Protecting the Port Gamble Heritage Forest

West Sound Conservation Council (now disbanded as a formal organization) was one of the founders of the Kitsap Forest & Bay Coalition, the group that brought the now-conserved Port Gamble Heritage Forest into being. The Coalition expanded far beyond WSCC’s early involvement to become the decade-long, multi-group, many-volunteers organization that—under Great Peninsula Conservancy’s leadership—advertised, recruited,Continue reading “Protecting the Port Gamble Heritage Forest”

Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park Master Plan, 16 March 2021, 6:30 p.m.

The following is a 14 Mar. 2021 email notice from Don Willott, a member of the steering committee for the Master Plan of the Park. He asked that this information be shared with others who might like to participate: “Help develop the excellent plan our community deserves.  Please share with others who might like toContinue reading “Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park Master Plan, 16 March 2021, 6:30 p.m.”

Kitsap County: Buildable Lands Report, Shoreline Master Program updates, and northern access to the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park

The following are from Commissioner Rob Gelder’s 5 Feb. 2021 North Kitsap Commissioner Newsletter:

Volunteers at Kitsap County’s Parks

We in Kitsap County are fortunate to have many wonderful parks to visit. Many volunteers learn about and care for those parks. If you’d like to learn about the volunteer program, please go to https://www.kitsapgov.com/parks/Pages/Volunteer.aspx “Find the people that love the place.” — Tom Coleman, volunteer for Newberry Hill Heritage Park Kitsap County Stewardship Program:Continue reading “Volunteers at Kitsap County’s Parks”

Thanks for the People and Places of our Nature

During this COVID-19 time (actually, during all times) it’s good to get outside. Fortunately, in Kitsap County we have lots of outside available. So much to be thankful for: forests to meander in, trails to bike on, places where we can gaze at the Sound or sit and read, and beaches where we can identifyContinue reading “Thanks for the People and Places of our Nature”