Communities and democracy suffer when newspapers die

Margaret Sullivan, “Communities and democracy suffer when newspapers die,” Seattle Times, 5 Dec. 2021, Print, D4. digital version: Margaret Sullivan, “What happens to society — and democracy — when community journalism dries up?” Seattle Times, 3 Dec. 2021, In her column, Margaret Sullivan relates how local journalism is in serious decline—and that that’s badContinue reading “Communities and democracy suffer when newspapers die”

News deserts: bad for America

Save our communities and our country’s democracy: subscribe to a local newspaper and to a credible national/international news source. As my wife and I trailer-travel about the country, I make it a point to read the local paper from the towns where we stay to see what the local concerns are and to see whatContinue reading “News deserts: bad for America”

You and I need local news

From the reporters on the ground who know their turf, we learn what local issues, politics, concerns, and proposals are at play. By reading local news regularly, we can peruse the reporters’ news articles, the opinion writers’ opinions, and we can read and write letters to the editor. On this first day after the JulyContinue reading “You and I need local news”